Society is currently facing an extraordinary challenge: how do we use plastic and other materials in a way that allows for the sustainable use of resources over time, avoids pollution and adverse health effects for people and animals, enables economic vibrancy and supports a high quality of life for all people?


Everyone who makes or uses plastic has an opportunity to be a part of the solution - and we can help you figure out what that means for you and your organization. We have a deep understanding of the systems in which plastic is used, how and where plastics are being deployed, and the ways in which plastic is problematic for people and the environment.

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A resilient, productive agricultural system is the foundation of a thriving society. In addition to providing nutritious and abundant food, agriculture also contributes renewable sources of fiber and energy. In an ideal world, the production and consumption of agricultural products form a closed-loop system for biological materials. Agriculture is also the sector with the greatest potential for efficient carbon sequestration.

Over the last fifteen years, we have worked with farmers, food processors, retailers and distributors, government, and NGOs, both individually and collectively, to identify and implement projects that help the agricultural and food systems work better for everyone.

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